The Back Story – About “She Ordered What?”

Hi there!

My name is Kerri, Ker, for short.


I am not a restaurant critic, nor do I pretend to be.  I’m simply a fairly open-minded eater, who is often indecisive.

For several years, I have been an indecisive amateur “foodie”.  I’ve also been a pretty adventurous eater.  Even as a kid, I perplexed folks – I remember “daddy-daughter dates” at the Dry Dock (no longer around, but used to be near Cleveland, OH), when I would suck down dozens of mussels – not your typical kid!

This blog came about because I recently realized that people have become fascinated with what they perceive as my sense of crazy adventure.  While I am fairly adventurous, when it comes to food, it’s really more about my indecisiveness.  Yet, I think it’s a great way to experience food…

I love to ask a server, particularly at a restaurant that’s new to me, to choose a dish for me.  I have two restrictions…no scallops (not sure if it’s a true allergy, but I’ve had 3 bad reactions), and NO maple syrup (the smell alone makes me instantaneously gag – ask anyone who knows me well!).  And, I always ask the server to surprise me, and not tell me what they’re planning to bring me.

You’d be surprised by the wonderful meals I’ve tried because someone else ordered for me.  And, contrary to what I used to think, servers do not always  order the most expensive dish on the menu (in fact, rarely do they).  I find that servers really take it seriously, and want me to truly enjoy the meal they choose for me.  And, I almost always do!

After years of “giving the standard line”, I’ve developed a quick-reference card for servers and chefs all over – yes, a bit nerdy, but it helps!

photo (21)

This blog will document the adventures I have in traveling all over the world again, and in allowing experts to choose meals on my behalf.

When I’m not traveling for work or for fun, I am focused on being a mom to two beautiful Golden Retrievers, Riley and Seamus.





I’m an engineer by training (Clemson University – GO TIGERS! (I’m a huge college football fan too!)), but a marketer by trade.


I’ve lived in several locations all over the country, but I’m happily residing in Milwaukee, WI for the time being.  My first summer in MKE has been marvelous!

My current job will have me traveling a bit more than in my last position, so I’m excited to write about restaurants all over the world.

When I started this blog, I hoped to inspire just one person to consider surrendering control to his/her server and enjoy the experience of being surprised while dining. I’m so happy to report that many people have tried it, and some have even guest-authored posts here! Please trust me…it’s a great way to live (and eat through) life!!

I encourage you all to give it a try sometime. And, if you’re so inspired, please let me know if you’d like to write a guest post. I’m always thrilled to share others’ stories.

Cheers! And, good eats!

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