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Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q – Southern Style BBQ! Atlanta, GA

This past Thursday, I had a day trip to our office in Atlanta.  It was the best kind of trip…great colleagues, and flying the Corporate jet (meaning, super comfy, short flight time, and an awesome crew!).  And, aside from “real work”, we got to look at possible office space – it’s fun to imagine the potential those spaces have!

Definitely a nice work perk!

After looking at office space, our resident expert (a colleague based in the Atlanta area) took us to Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q.  Now, those of you who know me, know that I LOVE Southern BBQ! It’s a love I picked up while going to school at Clemson.  There is no BBQ anywhere outside of the South that holds a candle (sorry Slow’s…yours is very good, but still not quite the same!).  The aroma of smoked meat and BBQ hit us all as soon as we walked in the door!  It smelled AMAZING!!

I quickly perused the menu, but then decided I’d let the server choose – because you just can’t go wrong with barbecue!  Pork? Yes! Brisket? Bring it on! Chicken? Sure!  You get the picture…

Haley was our server, and I was the first one “ready to order”.  I asked her to please pick her favorite meal and surprise me.  She looked and me and asked “really??”  Our CMO, Karen, immediately said “I knew when you put your menu down so quickly that you were going to do that!”.  (She reads my blog – she’s very supportive!  And, apparently, she’s shared the blog with our CEO as well.  I thought it was pretty funny because he knows me pretty well, so he was surprised that I didn’t need more control over my meals – I’m *slightly* Type A, after all!  T-Dubs, if you’re reading this…thanks! And, know that food is the one thing of which I can hand over complete control.)

Haley asked me if I wanted a salad, and I responded “If you think I need one, sure. I’m hungry.”  My coworkers ordered – a quarter chicken, salads, pork, etc.  And, we all noshed on the warm cheese bread that was delivered to the table.

Warm, and cheesy bread. Yum!

A little while later, servers came to our table delivering all sorts of delightfully aromatic (in that BBQ-style kind of way!) dishes.  Haley advised her coworker that the chicken salad was to be placed in front of me.  When she had asked me about the salad, I thought she was asking if I wanted a side salad, but I think she was clarifying if I wanted one as a meal.  My coworker and I laughed a little, thinking Haley must have thought I could use a healthier option!  Might be time to get serious about dieting and losing some weight!  😉

The meal Haley chose for me.

I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed to get a salad at a Southern Bar-B-Q joint, but that’s the risk in asking a server to choose your meal for you.

The salad was good.  The chicken was REALLY tender and tasty.  I added extra BBQ sauce (“original” version) and opted not to use the vinaigrette dressing.  There were bacon slices, cucumbers, pecans and cheese on the salad, so it was pretty hearty too.  Certainly not a bad choice – I just wish I would have been served a true BBQ plate!

Next time…

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