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When Kerri met Nora, via When Rob met Nora…

Today, I read an article in “People” magazine (a guilty pleasure of mine!). I’m a bit behind, so the news is not “news” per se. I even tweeted about how the world had lost an inspiration the evening the news broke (06/29).  At the time, I was in NYC and saw it on the evening news.

But, hearing of Nora Ephron’s passing (1941-2012) made me sad.  She made such an impact on the film industry (yeah, boys… sigh…rom-coms!).  “When Harry Met Sally”, “Heartburn”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Julie and Julia”…

I naively did not know that she was in her 70s, and I didn’t know she was ill (as apparently, many people didn’t know).

What I also did not know is that Nora Ephron “knew” what people should order as their meals.  I love this excerpt from an interview with the beloved Rob Reiner (see highlighted sections below).

Image courtesy of “People” magazine, issue dated 07/16/12.

Y’all, “When Harry Met Sally’s” “big scene” was fashioned after Ms. Ephron’s notion of ordering what’s best for her companions!! *She Ordered What?!?* before I even figured this thing out!

I’m delighted to know tha such a highly regarded woman would take the reins and modify an order for a friend, as well as know when to throw an “unpretentious dinner party… with the most delicious hot dogs.”  (per her friend Sally Quinn)  It reminded me of the time I made grilled cheese and pesto paninis with homemade tomato soup for girls’ night dinner, and my friend LOVED the dinner! Sometimes, a dinner doesn’t require fancy fare; just good company and memorable food!

I can’t pretend to believe that Nora Ephron and I have much in common – she’s a legend, plain and simple.  However, I’m encouraged to know that a highly influential woman was a bit unconventional when it came to ordering food, as am I.

This is when Kerri met Nora.  Via when “Rob met Nora.”

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