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Answering the question: What were your favorite dining experiences?

I started this blog back in April, and I’ve had many people provide support and feedback along the way.  I wrote a post about that early on, and since then, I’ve received even more encouragement!

Recently, a former coworker of mine, who is a super picky eater, told me that he has taken the baby step of allowing barkeeps far and wide to choose his drinks for him, ala this post. A small step toward surrendering dinner plans to his server!

I’ve also had many people ask me about my favorite “She Ordered What?!?” experiences.  I must admit that I haven’t had too many lackluster experiences using the “let the server choose my meal for me” method.  I have had some rather spectacular outcomes though!  I’ve tried dishes I probably would have overlooked otherwise.  Not necessarily because they were “exotic” or “daring”, but more so that I would just default to other options.

Some of my favorite experiences include:

This one which was actually the meal that catapulted me into this blogosphere.  Seriously, the looks on everyone’s faces when I turned my order over to the server were classic.  And, the interest when my dish arrived…from a highly invested group of individuals.  This blog wasn’t even a thought in my mind at that particular dinner, so I didn’t take pictures, and thus, it wasn’t amongst the first posts.  The restaurant was fantastic enough to send me pictures of my dinner – even though I wasn’t a blip on the food circuit radar!

Another favorite? This one!  I recently revisited Tria at The Henry, and met up with Audra again.  We both shared such great memories of that night!  The staff had such fun choosing my every taste that evening,  and I had a wonderful time experiencing food and wine through their recommendations.

A third favorite? Right now, I’ll say this one: An incredible server really makes the dining experience.  Kelsey was that incredible server! On top of that…the food was amazing! Der Braumeister is a must-stop in Cleveland, OH, IMO.  And, please check out the video of Kelsey at the end…she’s got personality and spunk!

Special mentions go to:  Zingerman’s RoadhouseGood Girls, Crave Lounge, as they all provided fabulous experiences as well.  As did The Mac Shack – not once, but twice!

I’m also in love with all of my guest posts.  This is one that created the most intrigue: did they? or didn’t they? (have a second date) <– yes, they did! But, don’t forget these posts:  Hom, Fondue, and Bistro 70.

I’ve got some travel coming up next month (thank goodness!), as well as another guest post or two to come.  I’m looking forward to sharing more “She (He) Ordered What?!?” adventures.



Red Rocks Cafe, Bar and Bakery, Huntersville, NC – Changing up the team dynamics!

As I’ve said before, I work near Detroit, MI.  However, the company I work for has businesses all over the country.  Not too long ago, our entire team traveled (by Corporate jets – a nice perk!) to North Carolina – also known as “God’s Country” (or as close to it as one can get without actually being in SOUTH Carolina! 😉 Go Clemson!).  In total, I think we had 17 people in the meeting.  After a long, and productive day, we all regrouped for dinner at Red Rocks Cafe, Bar, and Bakery.

We were a loud, and boisterous group, though not offensive in any way (I think!).  It was so much fun to enjoy a meal with people I don’t often get to spend quality time with.  I ended up at the end of one of the two tables, across from my then-boss, and next to a coworker who resides in the NC office near the restaurant.  Both really wonderful guys, and it should be mentioned that my former supervisor is a fabulous cook – he knows food!  We were chatting about a myriad of things prior to our waiter (and I SO wish I recalled his name) coming to take our order.  When said server asked for my order, I politely deferred (and declined a salad, as I had eaten enough that day!), and asked him to choose his favorite dish on the menu, instructing him to stay away from scallops.  I think he was a bit taken aback, but he nodded in agreement, continued with taking orders, and off he went.

This generated quite a bit of conversation.  My colleagues were intrigued.  What would I be served? Why do I do this? (pure indecisiveness. Well, with a bit of trust in the restaurant staff – they are the experts!) What if I don’t like it? etc, etc.

A short time later, when our entrees were being served, heads craned to see what I had been served.  I was curious with anticipation as well!  Our server was proud to announce that he had chosen the Filet Oscar.  It was a spectacular choice!  I certainly don’t indulge in enjoying a delicious steak enough – let alone one with crab meat (yum!) and béarnaise sauce!  It was served over mashed potatoes and with asparagus.  Perfectly plated!

Filet Oscar

I believe our server enjoyed presenting his customer with a personal favorite, and I assured him that he did a great job in choosing my meal!

I happened to leave most of my asparagus on the plate, and with a bit of a guilty tone, he told me “You should have told me you didn’t like asparagus!”.  It’s not that I don’t like asparagus, it’s simply that I had so many other flavors to choose from, I focused on those!  I actually felt terrible that he felt he fell short in ordering for me – he had not!  It was an absolutely fantastic dining experience.  And, aside from the asparagus, I wiped that plate CLEAN!

It was a wonderfully memorable dinner, and I’m truly glad it was at Red Rocks.  To top it all off, this dinner happened prior to my kicking off this blog a few weeks ago, and John at Red Rocks was kind enough to fill my phone request to send me a picture of the excellent meal I was served!  Talk about tremendous all-around customer service!

In this instance, “She” ordered a phenomenal dining experience!  Thank you, Red Rocks staff!

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