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Fitzwilly’s Restaurant, Northampton, MA

A few weeks ago, I went to visit a friend of mine, Eric, who lives in Western Mass. Thanks to, Foursquare checkins, I knew several of his “local haunts”. One of them was Fitzwilly’s Restaurant, so on the night that I arrived, he, his friend Trey, and I enjoyed a late dinner at this fun bar/restaurant.

After a little bit of friendly banter, I asked our server, Sean, to pick something from the menu for me and to surprise me. He was such a good-natured guy and didn’t skip a beat. Eric got Buffalo chicken Mac ‘n Cheese (sounds delish!), Trey ordered a burger, if I recall correctly (and I may not!), and I ordered up a surprise.

This is what Sean brought me.

A delicious turkey sandwich with a surprising taste of cinnamon apple, cheddar cheese and honey mustard.  It was way too much to finish during a late dinner, but it was also excellent as a cold leftover the next afternoon. At one point, Sean had asked me if it was the best sandwich I’d ever had, and while I’m not sure I could go THAT far, it was a darned good sandwich! I certainly recommend it if you’re in Northampton, MA.

I also recommend dining with Eric and Trey – they’re fun guys!

Here’s to good eats!

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