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This little piggy… was DELICIOUS! Paris, France

On Thursday afternoon, my coworker dropped me off at the Brussels train station, and I boarded the high speed train from Brussels to Paris.  I was in the first class cabin, so I had a very comfy seat and wi-fi (to do some work).  I also had plenty of time to enjoy the Belgian and French countrysides.  Here’s a short Instagram video.

Once I got to Paris, I was met by another coworker, Nicolas.  He was to escort me to my hotel, and would serve as my driver the following day when we went to Ribecourt to visit the technical center.  I anticipated being on my own for the two evenings I was in Paris, but Nicolas informed me that he had been “given a pass” to stay out and take me to dinner.  I really appreciate his family for being so generous, as Nicolas was out of town earlier in the week – at the same trade show as I had attended.

Nicolas and I ended up heading up “the steepest slopes” toward Montmartre – a darling former village now inside the Paris city limits. After walking around, enjoying the views, and the street lamp performer (wow! that dude was seriously good!) – can you spot him and his ball in the picture?


We ended up at Chez la Mere Catherine for dinner and sat at a small table outside.  Believe me, I’m cherishing every opportunity to eat outside, since I know winter is not too far away!

Nicolas, being familiar with my blog, wasn’t surprised when I advised the waiter that I wanted him to bring me his favorite dish.  He chose Cochon de Lait au Miel, otherwise known as Roast Suckling Pig with Honey.  Nicolas also decided to have that dish.

We were quickly served our meals, along with a side of potatoes and cheese.



And, friends, this was some of the most tender meat I’ve had (kind of like the last French food post I wrote – there may be a theme here!).  It basically melted in my mouth!  The sauce was slightly sweet and not too heavy.  It was fantastic!  And, although the potatoes were broiled with cheese, they too were light and tasty.

I was glad that Nicolas and I walked to and from the restaurant (only 15-20 min each way) – just to get a bit of exercise that evening!  It was a lovely night out with a coworker and in a part of Paris that I found to be very charming – especially since I found myself staying in this neighborhood! (see top and rightmost pictures – the others are of the village and countryside)  😉


On Friday, following a very good day in Ribecourt with the European technical team, Nicolas delivered me back to my hotel and set off to spend well-deserved time with his family.  And, I decided to hit up the local Crepe & Panini stand for dinner!  My friend, Jess, made a joke that I should have a crepe and a macaroon for her, so I dedicated this crepe to her!


I chose the Poulet & fromage crepe (chicken and cheese) because I tend to lean more toward savory than sweet.  Plus, it was dinnertime!  It hit the spot perfectly!  There was a nice onion and herb mixture in the chicken, and the chef added a bit of Tabasco at my request – just a small “kick” of flavor!  The crepe was so huge that it definitely filled me up!  I love having “street food” every now and then.  Who needs fancy schmancy all the time?!?

And, that, friends, wraps up my short visit to Paris last week.  I headed out at 7AM to catch my early flight to the states on Saturday morning.

I do need to make a special mention of my friend, Dennis, who met me in the Atlanta airport during my ~5 hour layover.  We watched the Clemson game and caught up on life in general.  It was a wonderful afternoon with a friend I don’t see often enough.

On Saturday evening, I was SO HAPPY to be home with Seamus and Riley, though I can’t really say the sentiment was returned!


Actually, they were very happy to see me, but their dog-sitters were so terrific that they were wiped out!  We went for a walk when I got home, had a bit of snuggle time, and then they crashed!  Such is life…

I’m really glad to have had the chance to visit Europe again; it had been far too long!  But, I’m also glad to be home, with my “kids” and back to a routine that includes more sleep than “trade show life” does!

Hope y’all enjoyed reading about my latest adventures in dining, and in enjoying Belgium and France.



Where do good girls go? Good Girls Go to Paris!

I had a couple of friends in town this weekend, and I knew we’d have a fun time.  As usually happens, our time together centered around chatting over meals.  We grabbed lunch at Buddy’s Pizza, and then dinner at Crave Lounge, which I’ll write about soon.  After that terrific dinner, we headed out to The Well.  If you haven’t read the guest post my friend wrote about that bar, please do!

There were four of us at the beginning of the night – up until about 11PM. The bar was just beginning to get pretty busy, and one of my friends was feeling the effects of the night, while the other two were just beginning to map out the rest of the evening (and, as we would later determine, most of the morning as well).  I took my friend Sharon home at about 11PM, and we both decided to call it a night.  I texted my other friends to let them know that I’d be happy to go back and pick them up if they needed a ride home because clearly there was some partying going on!  I stayed up until ~1AM, and then slept with my phone under my pillow, awaiting that call.

It was about 5AM when I received a call to open the gate and allow my friends into my complex.  At that point, I was quite pleased with my decision to stay in.

Sharon and I are both early risers, so we knew we’d have time to kill before our other friends woke up and would be ready to move (other than to grab the bottle of Advil!).  I suggested that we try a place I’d read about several times:  Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes. I ‘m not a big breakfast person, but I really wanted to check this place out.  It’s only 15 minutes from me, in Midtown Detroit – right near the Detroit Institute of Arts.

So, Sharon and I braved the rain and headed to this charming little restaurant.

The menu is pretty expansive – a large blackboard provided two columns of options: Savory or Sweet.

Sharon ordered the “Vera” which is a Savory crepe filled with Bacon, Boursin cheese, spinach (note: GGGtP was out of bacon today, so ham was the approved substitution). I was stymied…so many options, and nearly every one sounded delicious!  When I asked the woman behind the counter, Andrea, to choose her favorite and surprise me, she quickly agreed, asking only if I liked mushrooms.  I told her that I have no restrictions (for their menu).  Andrea advised us that we’d both be eating great hangover food.  We weren’t necessarily in need of hangover food, but our friends surely could have benefited!  You know…the friends who were still sleeping!  🙂

We sat down in a quaint room off to the side and had a nice conversation while we waited for our breakfast.

When our plates were delivered, they looked divine!

I chuckled, because I really don’t like ham at all, and I was served “Andrea’s Special” – which is a modification of the “Ksenia”.  The crepe was filled with ham, swiss cheese, mushrooms, and was topped with herb de provence and hot sauce.  And, I loved it!!  The ham was sliced very thinly and was not overpowering or overly salty, so it worked for me.  Now, mom and dad, don’t be getting any ideas! I’m still not ready to have ham for Easter dinner (or any other holiday!), but this was no Honey-baked ham.  It was a perfect complement to the other ingredients.

Sharon’s “Vera” crepe was also excellent (we exchanged bites).  The creamy cheese, spinach and ham were a delightful combination.  The crepe was decadent, but not in an overwhelming way.

It was a great experience – the food was relatively inexpensive (and I thank Sharon for treating me to this delicious breakfast!), was served quickly, was a perfect portion size, and was delicious to boot! I’m really glad we ventured out on a soggy Sunday morning to give Good Girls Go to Paris a try!

Andrea, if you’re reading this, thanks for choosing a really delicious breakfast for me!  I don’t know that I ever could have a made a decision on my own!



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