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Singapore! Day 6: Malaysia and Muddy Murphy’s

On Sunday morning, we headed off toward Malaysia at ~6AM on Sunday to meet up with a few of Steve’s coworkers for another round of golf. Our threesome was rounded out by Derek, a Scottish gent. Andy and Mike are British and Welsh, respectively. Needless to say, they were lovely to listen to (accents!), and really fun guys to hang around with!

I played terribly, and didn’t really enjoy the round, but I ended up scoring better than the previous round – so apparently some of my skills have hung on!

After golf, we met up with Andy and Mike for a traditional Sunday Brunch at Muddy Murphy’s back in Singapore, which is near Orchard Towers (aka: Four Floors of Whores). Side note: I’ve become quite educated as to the culture of that area, and I’ve seen plenty of the “working girls” as they begin their shifts and head home with the men who pay them. Kind of sad, but apparently, it’s a business around here.

At Muddy’s, of course, we started off with pints of Guinness and Kilkenny’s.

Then, we ordered brunch. We all chose the same meals: Crab Bisque and Roast Striploin (with Yorkshire Pudding!). Both were excellent! Great flavor, and the meat was tender and cooked perfectly. The vegetables were perfectly prepared as well. And, although Yorkshire pudding was described to me simply as “flour, water and a bit of fat”, I enjoyed the texture, and the taste, especially when mixed with the gravy and horseradish sauce.

I didn’t know any better, so I ordered dessert. Not wanting to leave me to eat dessert alone, Steve ordered one too. I had the Tiramisu cake, which was actually just chocolate mousse cake – not bad, but didn’t live up to the anticipation! Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts, and this missed the key flavors of Tiramisu.

And, Steve ordered the Traditional Bread and Butter Pudding – very well done! It was served warm and the consistency was just as it should have been. And, the sauce was the perfect complement.


After a few more pints (drinking the Clemson loss away!), lots of laughs, and a little bit of shopping (yes, Steve knew to put a couple of beers in me before taking me back to the golf shopping center!), we headed home for the evening. That food filled me up for the day and evening – it was like having another Thanksgiving meal!

Those Englishmen were quite lovely company and made for a fun Sunday out in Singapore. I think they enjoyed this Ahmahreecan (American, pronounced slightly differently ūüėČ ) as well. I’m glad we spent some QT with them.

Tomorrow…I’m not sure what’s on the books! Indonesia is coming up soon, and I’m really looking forward to that! I’m also looking forward to getting back to the states to see my babies! I miss those goofy pups!



Singapore! Day 5 – Sentosa Island and Roberston Quay

After enjoying a wonderful, traditional Indian dinner with his coworkers, and then sitting at Wine Connection gabbing over a couple of bottles of wine last night, I knew Steve would be sleeping in so I took advantage and slept in myself.

We caught a late morning cab ride to Vivo City (another shopping mall, but Steve prepped me that it was only a launching point for our day!). We stopped at the food courts there for lunch and enjoyed fried noodle lunches.  Mine was Fried Hokkien Mee,
which was good, but only when I mixed in a couple of spoonfuls of the chile paste (seen at ~1 o’clock in the pic). ¬†I think servers see that I’m American, and play things safely. ¬†I appreciate that, but I inevitably end up “doctoring” my meals to get more flavor. ¬†Steve, on the other hand, has been around enough to know how to order things to his liking. ¬†His Fried Kway Teow were quite tasty, as served.
From there, we headed toward the Sentosa Island boardwalk and made our way to the other Singaporean island – on foot. (I love to walk places, and Steve is great about walking and talking about the surrounding areas)
We spent the day sightseeing. We went up in the Merlion statue, rode the Sky Tower, walked to the beach, saw everything the aquarium and bird/butterfly/insect areas had to offer. It is an absolutely gorgeous, if very touristy area. Plus, we had beautiful weather!
The only thing I really want to go back and do is the zip line! I was foolish and wore my staple outfit – a dress. Totally not conducive to zip lining, trapeze stunts, rock climbing, or any of the other activities offered on Sentosa. ūüė¶
Once we got back and walked along Clarke Quay (I figured out the MRT route home pretty quickly!), we set out for dinner.
Steve has wanted me to try one of his favorite Thai places, so we walked downstairs and had dinner at his local joint.  [link]
It’s a nondescript and small restaurant, but the food was delicious! Steve ordered spring rolls to start (we were both hungry!), red curry with pork for me, and green curry with prawns for himself. ¬†He had Singha beer and I had a white wine to pair with the meal. ¬†Perfect for a hot meal on a warm night!
The red curry is supposed to be mild, and the green hot.  Steve had a small sweat going by the end of his meal, but the spoonful I had of his dish did not burn the way I had anticipated. Yet, it had great flavor, and I really enjoyed it!
The red curry tasted bland to Steve, but I thought it had a nice (mild) kick to it. ¬†I couldn’t finish but half of it – only because I was full! I really did like the curry at this place. ¬†Very tasty!
We retired to his apartment early, since we have to be on the road for golf at 5:45AM. ¬†Steve is sound asleep (dude has always been able to fall asleep faster and more deeply than anyone I know!!), and I am back downstairs writing this post. I love the vibe in Robertson Walk – the area of bars, restaurants and shopping just outside of his apartment building. There’s great energy with all of the people, and yet it’s super safe. ¬†Better than sitting in bed writing!
Status, day 5: Steve = alive, Ker = alive, therefore, all is still good!! :). Again, kidding, we’re having fun, and I’m getting to see a lot of the area, and have met several of his coworkers and friends. ¬†And, I’ll be meeting a few more tomorrow morning. ¬†So, time to retire for the evening (again) soon.
One last note…
Go Clemson Tigers!  Beat the Gamecocks tonight!

Football, food, and fun! Greenville-Spartanburg, and Clemson, SC

I’m a bit late writing this post. ¬†Work has been really busy, and ¬†I haven’t had time to sit down, reflect, and enjoy my latest weekend in Clemson – until now – just moments before Clemson football takes on Duke in an attempt to advance to 8-1 and remain a top-15 BCS team.

As has become an annual tradition, I meet friends in Greenville / Clemson, SC for the best tailgate in the South! People who know me well, know that Greenville is the city I would most like to live in – it’s my dream location! ¬†I love where it sits geographically, the way it’s been growing over the past several years, the climate, the people, and of course, its proximity to Clemson!

My friends Cindy, Alan, and Kesley are kind enough to host me each year. ¬†They are the best hosts a gal could want! ¬†And, they live in Spartanburg, providing another set of opportunities for local fun. ¬†So, after they picked me up from the airport, rather than hitting RJ Rockers¬†for the weekly Thursday tasting (it was closing w/in minutes), we went and had Thai for dinner. ¬†Kesley thought I’d be crazy to turn my order over to our server, and I really wasn’t sure I wanted to either, but when I perused the menu, I decided that there was far too much to choose from and I surrendered.

Not my best choice. ¬†The food was fine, but definitely “safe” and not terribly flavorful. ¬†I had been served “Pud Puck” (aka: veggie stir fry). The better option of the evening was to steal a few spoonfuls of Alan’s yellow curry and spice up the meal! ¬†The curry had great flavor – I’d have potentially gotten myself in a rut with it – it was so yummy! Thanks, Alan!

Alan and I also each tried the Thai wine Рmostly because were curious to learn what Thai wine would taste like.  He had the red, and I had the white.  Both were fine, but rather nondescript.  We decided that it must be that the wine is a bit bland so as not to compete with the generally full-flavored entrees on Thai menus. A theory that made sense to each of us!

And, as per tradition, Cindy caught me double-fisted again. ¬†ūüôā It’s just a joke that started a few years ago, and we have made a point to catch a shot like this every time we get together.

A snapshot of dinner. ¬†Perhaps this meal was good practice for my vacation in a couple of weeks. ¬†I’m told that Thailand may be on our agenda, though I’m not sure how Steve thinks we’ll fit that in!

Doesn’t it always seem that vacations center around food? ¬†Mine always do! ¬†After a certain hostess (not the one who was in school already!) woke up ¬†Friday morning – somewhere around 11:30AM, we ventured out to grab lunch and run some necessary pre-tailgate errands. ¬†We decided that a local “dive” sounded like the best choice. ¬†We also knew we’d be fighting lunchtime crowds.

We ended up at NuWay Lounge and Restaurant, aka: Home of the Best Burger in SC, per The Food Network. (Note that they also proudly display that they sell “PBR” here). ¬†Our “neighbors” at the table next to were a priest and a nun. ¬†This local joint is “that” kind of place – folks from all walks of life dine here.

We started with an appetizer that Cindy and Alan had shared with our good friend DT the weekend prior. ¬†I believe it had a different name, but we enjoyed “Redneck Poppers”. ¬†Deep-fried Pimento cheese with a really tasty breading…’nuff said!

Now, please note “The Redneck Cheeseburger” is the name of the aforementioned infamous burger. ¬†I couldn’t NOT give it a try.

Our waitress, a no-nonsense chick, asked me if I wanted it “all the way” and then rattled off a list of toppings including: ketchup, mustard, mayo (light, per my request), chili, and tomato/lettuce (as healthy options, lol!). ¬†If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this right. ¬†“ALL THE WAY”. So, in addition to those toppings, this burger had Pimento cheese and was served with delightfully seasoned onion rings (seriously, very good!).

Now, I couldn’t finish all of the onion rings, though they were really tasty, but I polished off that burger! That meant that I wasn’t very hungry when our friends met us out for dinner. (that’s Jason with Cindy and me, below)

In fact, I think I had two Buffalo Chicken wings and then surrendered the rest to my dear friend Anthony. ¬†He’s happy when he’s well-fed! ¬†He’s the handsome bald man below (he’ll tell ¬†you just how handsome he is!).

The night was great fun, as always! We missed a few friends who were not able to make it due to other important obligations, yet we had fun with those who were able to make it.  That includes the lone Virginia Tech Hokie alum, Brian, who was a great sport and a really fun guy.

Rachel (above): I LOVE this woman! She was (rightfully?) suspect of me at first, because her husband and I were friends before she and I met.  She now knows that I love them both (innocently, and) dearly, and especially as a fantastically-matched couple! And, she set up a MEAN Bloody Mary Bar (her first BM had a Pimento Cheese stick included, along with olives, peppers, celery, etc.)

Can you spot the Pimento cheese?

Every year, we get to catch up with our favorite “beat writer” Greg, and his coworker, Brandon. ¬†They are sweet enough to take time to stop by our tailgate (and, will meet us out the evening prior to a game, schedule permitting). ¬†This year, Cindy had the pleasure of giving Greg a football with his profile pic, and “announcing” him as the Anderson Independent Mail’s Clemson dude (better known now through

And, of course, I have to give a shout-out to my personal contribution to the tailgate fare, since this a blog centered around food.

Buffalo chicken pasta salad. Thanks to Pinterest for the recipe. ¬†Unanimous verdict (at least as I heard it) was two big thumbs up! I personally think it was a nice complement to Jason’s famous BBQ pork butt, and Anthony’s infamous BBQ sauce. Two staples of our annual tailgates!

Fast-forward a bit, and Clemson was able to beat Virginia Tech at home (one of the most intimidating places for a team to play)  Рscore: 38-17.  We were all happy Рwith the exception of the aforementioned newbie, Brian.

He took the teasing in stride (that’s him on the far right). ¬†Brian, you rock (but not at Corn hole, FTR!). ¬† ūüėČ

And, a few final pics…

A flavor for what “Solid Orange” really looks like.

The ladies who made this day happen! ¬†I need not mention that we’re a fantastic bunch, but I will! ¬†ūüôā

Equally awesome is this group of men who cooked, served as can-openers, and most importantly, served as “tailgate engineers”.

On Sunday, prior to heading back to the chilly Michigan fall, we met up with Anthony and his kids (aka: hardheadz) for lunch.  Always fun to see those knuckleheads!

All in all, a great weekend – as always!

Cheers! ¬†And, now…on to the mission to lose the pounds I packed on that wknd!


Jersey Mike’s, Mentor, OH

Friday nights at my parents’ house generally means going to Yours Truly restaurant for dinner. ¬†I happened to go there for lunch with a friend of mine today, so I politely opted out of dinner there tonight.

I had an ulterior motive as well – it’s NFL Draft night (round 2), and a handful of my Clemson Tigers are due to be drafted! ¬†(as I write this, both Andre Branch and Dwayne Allen have been picked by the Jaguars and Colts, respectively)

So, my mom suggested that we order sandwiches and stay home – to enable my addiction to the Draft. ¬†We called dad, asked him to pick up sandwiches, chips, and wine (duh!), and he happily obliged! ¬†He planned to go to Jersey Mike’s and asked what kind of sandwich I wanted, and then asked if I wanted him to surprise me. ¬†You see, he spent part of last night reading my blog, so it was fresh in his mind! ¬†I gave him some guidance, but also told him he could take liberties and surprise me. ¬†So…

I ended up with a turkey sub on wheat bread, with tomatoes, pickles, banana peppers, lettuce, mustard and provolone.

The "surprise" sub.

The "surprise" sub, revealed










Let me say that Jersey Mike’s makes a pretty darned good sub! ¬†I only wish they had avocado (and that’s probably because I JUST returned from the west coast, where avocado is abundant).

Dad did well with his choice. ¬†Perfect Draft food! ¬†Except for the fact that it filled me up too much for me to enjoy leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip, which I made for the 1st round viewing “party”.

If you’re on the east side of Cleveland, and looking for a decent sub sandwich – give Jersey Mike’s a try. ¬†And, perhaps let the person behind the order (or counter) serve up a bit of surprise. ūüėČ


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