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Need your input, readers. Planning a special meal…

Last night, I received an email that triggered a ridiculous set of emotional responses.  The email had a picture of me and my deceased friend, Erica, who lost her battle with lymphoma last December.  She was 30 years old.  The email had a note that it was a great picture of the two of us.  Fast forward two and a half hours, countless tears, and numerous fond memories, and I was a total train wreck. I mean – off my rocker!

I had spent the aforementioned two and a half hours scouring Facebook photos, not only of my friend, but also  of my cousin – whom we lost to cancer as well (and who was an amazing chef and bartender – he’d probably have loved this blog).  I was sobbing uncontrollably for the better part of the night.

I couldn’t think, let alone speak, a coherent sentence, though I tried while I was on Voxer with my friend Eric (who, incidentally, is celebrating his birthday tomorrow – happy birthday, Eric!).  He was finally making his way home from a long day trip in a car that was slowly breaking down, and I was bugging him to make sure he made it home alive.  Anyhow, he thought I was drunk, and listening back to our Voxer conversation, I don’t blame him!  Not only did I have post-cry foggy head, a total inability to speak, but also had four different communications devices around me – all beeping, dinging, and buzzing.  Total Continuous Partial Attention – insane CPA, folks.

Basically, I sounded (and felt) like I was out of my mind. The only clear thought I had last night was that the last meal I had with my friend, and her husband, was Mexican at Jalapenos in downtown Orange, CA.  And, then, I thought…I want my next post to be about Mexican food.

So, readers in the Detroit area, in particular…I’ve been to a place or two in Mexicantown and I’ve been to Taqueria Mi Peublo.  What are your favorite Mexican restaurants? Which should I try?  Should I do lunch or dinner?  This is going to be a special meal, in memory of my friend, and I want to make sure it’s a good one.  Please leave a comment if you have recommendations!

And, if you wish to donate to the LL&S page honoring Erica, here’s a link. She’s the  2012 Light the Night Memorial Honoree!

Erica, and a picture of the card I sent her when she was first diagnosed – fight the good fight!

Thank you!

PS. Eric, for the record, I still don’t buy the NoHo nickname!  😉

ignite! bistro and wine spot, Carlsbad, CA

First of all, isn’t that a great name?!?  ignite! bistro and wine spot. Spot!  I love it!  Tonight, some wonderful coworkers took me and my boss out to dinner at this great (no so) little spot.

Ignite! Bistro and Wine Spot

It located on El Camino Real in Carlsbad, CA, near San Diego, and has a lovely view.  I wish I would have captured it better!

A non-traditional, but beautiful view - from ignite! bistro and wine spot.

One of my coworkers had been made aware of this blog after our trip to Austin, but the rest of my coworkers were in the dark – until we sat down at the table.  I have to appreciate their open-mindedness, and willingness to watch me ask our server, Kyra, to choose on my behalf, and to take picture after picture throughout the meal.  (actually, I don’t think I was THAT bad tonight).

Kyra was totally game.  First, I received a small house salad – it wasn’t so small, but it was delicious!

The house salad.

Then, I was served a slab of prime rib (10 oz!!) that even Fred Flintstone would probably have trouble finishing!  It was served medium-rare, with au jus, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  While it was quite tasty, I have to admit that I didn’t even finish a third of it!

Medium-rare prime rib. Yummy, but kind of a manly portion!

I also admit that I was a bit surprised that Kyra chose the prime rib.  With so many other options on the menu, this was a bit of  “safe” choice, in my opinion.  Again, it was good, but I’d hope for a more interesting choice next time I dine here (and I likely will again!).

I thank Kyra for her lack of hesitation, and willingness to offer up a dish.  It’s always refreshing to have servers who are confident in their choices!  Also, thanks again to my supportive coworkers!  I’m hoping one or more may be inspired to turn their dinner over to the server one day.

Cheers to small adventures, and, in this case, big portions!

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