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“She Ordered What?!?” is the topic of the latest “Five and One” Interview

I’m taking this opportunity to do a little shameless self-promotion here…

A few weeks ago, blogger, PR man, and local Detroiter, Brad Marley, reached out to me to ask if I minded being interviewed about “She Ordered What?!?” for his world-renowned series called “Five and One“.

Did I mind??? Absolutely not! Especially after I reviewed the list of people he had interviewed in the past. He doesn’t just interview the “person next door”; but rather highly successful, motivated, and talented individuals (in his words “radical people”). I was honored to be chosen to be cataloged amongst them!

Brad’s column is structured such that he asks five questions directly relevant to the topic at hand – in my case, about my “She Ordered What?!?” blog concept – and then finishes with one random question of his choosing. My interview is here.

It’s a quick read, and I’d be delighted if you’d take few minutes to support Brad’s column and my blog in the process. And, if you enjoyed the interview, please leave a quick comment to let Brad (and me!) know!

Thanks so much for your support.


Just a quick little post…

I haven’t pulled a “She Ordered What?!?” since last week, but I’ve got a couple of things up my sleeves, friends. Don’t fret!

Next week, I’m going out with a friend to an event he really wanted to attend, but wasn’t sure he would since his wife is traveling. I’m happy to play the stand-in for the evening. Based on the type of event (shhh…it’s under wraps for now!), and the type of guy my partner in crime for the evening is, I’m confident that the night will make for a very fun post! Stay tuned for that one!

I also had yet another restaurant graciously take pictures of a meal I had prior to starting this blog.  I cannot believe how accommodating people are!  That post will come up shortly as well.

And, I had to highlight a couple of pieces of feedback I’ve received outside of the blog. I’m thrilled that people like this idea – and are giving it a try!

First, I made the faux pas of turning a celebratory post on a delightful blog (that I encourage you to read!) into a small commentary about my blog. I’m sorry GenesisMeranda. Yet, I’m tickled by your encouraging comments, and I’m sending readers of this post over to read the comments! 🙂 (Yes, another shameless semi-plug).

And, on Twitter, check out Kate’s reaction to her “She Ordered What?!?” experience.

On Facebook, several encouraging posts! (I’ll keep them anonymous since my personal FB profile is private – but feel free to “like” the blog page!)

“Kerri your blog is great!”

“I like this!”

“I am now hungry. I used to be extremely picky eater. I now force myself to try new foods, again and again, even if i didnt like it the last time i tried it. Im in love with tiramisu, i think salmon is next. I haven’t quite been brave enough yet for that one.”

And more…thanks friends and family!

And, finally, thanks to Jerod, for including “She Ordered What?!?” in his “Friday Links: Love For The Ladies Edition” Primility post. I am honored to have been mentioned alongside such wonderful company!

I’m also honored to have had several guest-posts already. Thanks for all the support, Jerod, Lisa, Rachel, and dad!



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