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“I know a guy who knows a guy…” – La Belle Ferronniere, Paris, France

That’s how the email started. “I know a guy who knows a guy that recommended a typical French Brasserie.”

My colleague was voted to be “party planner” (probably by me!), and he stepped right up to the challenge, as he always does. We had twelve colleagues who were ready to enjoy an evening outside of the Charles de Gaulle airport region, and wanted to spend some time in Paris proper. It’s not necessarily an easy feat to coordinate for twelve people, but what a fun evening we had!

It turns out that when you “know a guy who knows a guy (the owner of La Belle Ferronniere)”, you get treated very nicely! We had excellent service from start to finish.

I had requested a cheese plate, and man oh man did La Belle Ferronniere deliver! We devoured the various cheeses before I even thought to snap a photo. We did this while enjoying a few bottles of wine (I think there were twelve emptied in total – whoops!).

When it came time to order dinner, in typical fashion, I surrendered my order over to our server. He asked a few vague questions, but seemed right on board with surprising me.


It was a simple dish of shrimp and vegetables – much needed vegetables at that point! It was not too heavy and full of flavor. Perhaps just a bit on the messy side! 🙂

None of my colleagues could pass up dessert either! I only ate half of my dish before passing on to another colleague to finish, but bourbon creme brulee with a Woodford Reserve on the side? Yes, please!


We had such a good time, laughing and chatting (and being obnoxious Americans). It was much needed after travel overseas and a couple of looong days of meetings!


As we were leaving, we were stopped at the bar to enjoy a shot “on the house”. Oh boy…


We then walked a bit of the dinner off and enjoyed the typical sights of Paris.

It was a fantastic way to cap off a very busy week in the City of Lights / Love.

Next stop: Barcelona!



ignite! bistro and wine spot, Carlsbad, CA

First of all, isn’t that a great name?!?  ignite! bistro and wine spot. Spot!  I love it!  Tonight, some wonderful coworkers took me and my boss out to dinner at this great (no so) little spot.

Ignite! Bistro and Wine Spot

It located on El Camino Real in Carlsbad, CA, near San Diego, and has a lovely view.  I wish I would have captured it better!

A non-traditional, but beautiful view - from ignite! bistro and wine spot.

One of my coworkers had been made aware of this blog after our trip to Austin, but the rest of my coworkers were in the dark – until we sat down at the table.  I have to appreciate their open-mindedness, and willingness to watch me ask our server, Kyra, to choose on my behalf, and to take picture after picture throughout the meal.  (actually, I don’t think I was THAT bad tonight).

Kyra was totally game.  First, I received a small house salad – it wasn’t so small, but it was delicious!

The house salad.

Then, I was served a slab of prime rib (10 oz!!) that even Fred Flintstone would probably have trouble finishing!  It was served medium-rare, with au jus, mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables.  While it was quite tasty, I have to admit that I didn’t even finish a third of it!

Medium-rare prime rib. Yummy, but kind of a manly portion!

I also admit that I was a bit surprised that Kyra chose the prime rib.  With so many other options on the menu, this was a bit of  “safe” choice, in my opinion.  Again, it was good, but I’d hope for a more interesting choice next time I dine here (and I likely will again!).

I thank Kyra for her lack of hesitation, and willingness to offer up a dish.  It’s always refreshing to have servers who are confident in their choices!  Also, thanks again to my supportive coworkers!  I’m hoping one or more may be inspired to turn their dinner over to the server one day.

Cheers to small adventures, and, in this case, big portions!

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