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Introducing #FoodPinThurs: My “practice” for #15Habits day 5

This is Jeff’s “15 Habits” nudge of the day – prepare, but ship!  I struggled a bit with this one because I don’t feel ready to ship a business plan, or  real proposal (@FoodNetwork, I’m looking at you!), or to distribute “SheOrderedWhat?!?” products, etc.  If you count the comments I’ve left on others’ blogs, feedback I’ve sought on Twitter, Facebook, and via email, then I’ve shipped some ideas – but I wouldn’t count those!

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“She Ordered What?!?” – from a pet project to a full blown passion of mine

In the roughly seven weeks since I launched, I’ve often referred to it “as my fun little project”, “something to do on the side”, “I’ll write, and hope that a friend or two reads it”, etc.  
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A revisionist history: Sure, I work for the CIA.

It’s day two of the #15Habits workshop. Today’s habit: Believe.

People who know me well, know that I don’t have normal sleeping habits. I rarely sleep through the night, and often I’m up at 3AM. So, the most difficult part of this challenge to wake up two hours earlier than normal and just get to writing was trying to figure out what time two hours early would be!

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A 15 day challenge – yes, I’m up for it! I am a writer, after all.

Day one: Declare.  It sounds so simple, yet here it is almost 10:00PM on the first day of this challenge and I’m just getting up the courage to do this.

I declare that I am a writer.
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