My Heart Melted at Melt Bar and Grilled, Mentor, OH

Ever since Melt Bar and Grilled opened up in my hometown of Mentor, OH, I’ve been wanting to visit the newest location.  After a morning of being pampered by my long-time hairdresser, Michael, at Ladies & Gentlemen Salon and Spa, and with my long-time girlfriend, Sharon, we headed out to meet another long-time girlfriend (36 years!), Megan, for lunch at Melt.

We arrived at ~11:50AM, and although Megan’s name had been on the list for 20 minutes or so, we still had ~30 minutes longer to wait.  Seriously, y’all…Melt is *that* good, IMO – but, it’s also new, and therefore a novelty for folks who are enjoying vacation time this week.

As with the other locations, Mentor’s Melt has a fun and energetic vibe to it. Here’s a snapshot of the some of the eclectic decor.

Melt Bar and Grilled, Mentor, OH

Melt Bar and Grilled, Mentor, OH

The menus are even quite unique – printed on the back side of old album covers.

The reverse side of my menu

We perused our menus, and as with my prior visit, I quickly became overwhelmed with the choices.  I mean…who wouldn’t be at a loss with all of these sandwiches (and this is just a sampling!)…


My friends each ordered the “half combo”.  For $8.00, you’re served 1/2 of a Kindergarten sandwich, salad and a cup of soup.  It’s a lot of food!

I asked that Mackenzie, our server, choose her favorite sandwich and surprise me.  I loved that she didn’t hesitate!  Just a simple “okay”, and off she went.

We waited. And, waited.  And, waited some more, but finally, we were served our lunches!  (It probably didn’t help that our orders were likely input mere seconds after a party of nine that was seated near us.)

Here is what I was served…

2012-12-28 12.56.12

Mackenzie had chosen “Mom’s Meatloaf Dinner”, which consisted of homemade tender meatloaf, chipotle ketchup glaze, garlic mashed redskin potatoes, fried onion straws, muenster cheese, and was served with cole slaw (really good cole slaw – no mayo!) and French fries.  And, all of this was $11.00.  (also, there is an option for a vegetarian version)

As those of you who have followed this blog know,  part of the fun of allowing the server to order for me is that I’m often served something I would otherwise overlook.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have chosen a meatloaf sandwich (with mashed potatoes, etc on it) – ever.  However, I did really enjoy it!  Well, at least the 1/2 portion that I was able to scarf down during our late lunch.  I took half of the sandwich, and most of the slaw home with me.  I left the fries behind, reluctantly, thinking that they wouldn’t likely reheat all that well.  Luckily, another friend, Jenny was able to join us for the latter part of our meal, and noshed on a few fries as well.

Seriously, this sandwich was so tasty – and I’m thinking that it’s going to be just as good, if not better, as a leftover!  (do I enjoy it cold, or reheated?  dilemmas!)

I’ve heard people say that they think Melt Bar and Grilled is expensive, but I tend to think one gets a tremendous amount of very good “comfort food” for the price.  You have to go into Melt knowing that you’ll likely wait, but in my humble opinion, the food is worth the wait!  And, the extensive beer list can certainly help you pass the time!  🙂

If you’re in the greater Cleveland area and enjoy Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches (or just want to try one), my suggestion is to MAKE SURE you stop by a Melt Bar and Grilled restaurant (in Mentor, Cleveland Heights (east side), Lakewood and Independence (west/south side)).

If you’ve been to a Melt, or a similar restaurant, what’s the best grilled cheese sandwich you’ve had?

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11 thoughts on “My Heart Melted at Melt Bar and Grilled, Mentor, OH

  1. Too funny! We went to the Mentor Melt for dinner last night! I agree that you get a ton of food for the price. The beer prices are good too, especially for the craft beers. You’ll just have to read my post on Monday to find out what I ate 😉


    • Nice! Though it would have been even nicer to meet you in person, Jen!
      Your Instagram post betrayed you, so I know what you had at Melt. I’m anxious to hear how you (hopefully!) liked it.
      Hope we do have a chance to meet up during one of my CLE trips.


  2. Mighty Macaroni Melt (sandwich of the month in December) is my favorite. Sadly, I didn’t make it into any locations during my holiday visit. Stupid snow. Ah well, Godfather is a nice runner-up. 🙂


    • Thanks for the recommendation, Melinda! I’ll definitely have to try it since two of my favorite meals are combined in that one special!

      Perhaps we need to start petitioning for “Melt Bar and Grilled” to expand east and west. A location in the ‘burgh, and one in the D – sounds like a great plan to me!



  3. Damn this looks insane!
    I wonder if there’s something like that ’round these parts. Mmmmmm meatloaf. . . . .

    -RAP, II


    • Oh, Ant… this is definitely a place you and the hardheadz would enjoy! So much food, and all so delicious! As I mentioned in the post, they also have a great beer list. I may make you roadtrip to OH sometime so we can make a stop at Melt!


  4. What’s with the y’all and nosh? This is Cleveland – not Texas or the Deep South – and no one speaks that way. It’s actually distracting and takes away from your reviews. Absolutely bizarre.


    • Thank you for your feedback, Sarah. I went to school in the south, and I do speak with a bit of a Southern drawl. I’m sorry if it’s distracting to some, but it is how I speak. As I mentioned in the backstory, I don’t consider myself a reviewer of restaurants. I simply choose to share my travel and culinary experiences on this blog – in my own voice. I appreciate your readership and feedback!


  5. RAAllen on said:

    First time to Melt. The 20-minute wait was 45. The food came out slow, everyone loved what they got. Mine came home with me. But the music volume is insane and we were getting two loud sources of music, maybe the kitchen and the floor. Don’t know but it was annoying. I know restaurants want to create a “party atmosphere” but we went for lunch on Sunday to enjoy our visit with each other, not to listen to LOUD music. I wish restaurants would get the hint. Little mom and pops don’t blast you out. Good thing we had to wait so long for a table. That’s when we were able to catch up with each other. Will go one more time to see if volume was a fluke.


  6. Stopped in for lunch at your Easton Worth Rd location. I was by myself, asked to eat inside, the hostess insisted that I sit at the bar. After explaining that my employer does not condone its employees sitting at bars, even if it were just for eating. The hostess still insisted on seating me at the bar. I finally asked her if she would like me to be fired, at which point she disappeared and returned a couple of minutes later. My first impression of your restaurant was to say not very good. Your wait staff though was exceptional and the food was great. Please review your policy for sitting single individual’s only at your bar. Thank you for the great food.


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