Elementary, my dear Watson…

Just a quick post to note that one of the new CBS shows I enjoy, “Elementary” (starring Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu) included a “She Ordered What?!?” type of moment for me last week.

During episode airing on 12/13/12 entitled “The Leviathan“, Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu’s character) is due to meet her mother for brunch.

Following a quippy exchange between Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Dr. Watson, where he states “…you look like you’re going to a job interview, not brunch with a loved one”,  we see Watson and her mother at brunch.

Her mother quickly plucks her menu from her, and Joan responds with “Okay, I was still reading that.”

Find "Elementary" on CBS network.

Find “Elementary” on CBS network.

Her mother responds by saying “I told him to bring us whatever is freshest.”

She ordered what?!?  🙂  (we still don’t know…it was never revealed within the episode)

Cheers!  And, happy holidays!


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