Singapore! Day 5 – Sentosa Island and Roberston Quay

After enjoying a wonderful, traditional Indian dinner with his coworkers, and then sitting at Wine Connection gabbing over a couple of bottles of wine last night, I knew Steve would be sleeping in so I took advantage and slept in myself.

We caught a late morning cab ride to Vivo City (another shopping mall, but Steve prepped me that it was only a launching point for our day!). We stopped at the food courts there for lunch and enjoyed fried noodle lunches.  Mine was Fried Hokkien Mee,
which was good, but only when I mixed in a couple of spoonfuls of the chile paste (seen at ~1 o’clock in the pic).  I think servers see that I’m American, and play things safely.  I appreciate that, but I inevitably end up “doctoring” my meals to get more flavor.  Steve, on the other hand, has been around enough to know how to order things to his liking.  His Fried Kway Teow were quite tasty, as served.
From there, we headed toward the Sentosa Island boardwalk and made our way to the other Singaporean island – on foot. (I love to walk places, and Steve is great about walking and talking about the surrounding areas)
We spent the day sightseeing. We went up in the Merlion statue, rode the Sky Tower, walked to the beach, saw everything the aquarium and bird/butterfly/insect areas had to offer. It is an absolutely gorgeous, if very touristy area. Plus, we had beautiful weather!
The only thing I really want to go back and do is the zip line! I was foolish and wore my staple outfit – a dress. Totally not conducive to zip lining, trapeze stunts, rock climbing, or any of the other activities offered on Sentosa. 😦
Once we got back and walked along Clarke Quay (I figured out the MRT route home pretty quickly!), we set out for dinner.
Steve has wanted me to try one of his favorite Thai places, so we walked downstairs and had dinner at his local joint.  [link]
It’s a nondescript and small restaurant, but the food was delicious! Steve ordered spring rolls to start (we were both hungry!), red curry with pork for me, and green curry with prawns for himself.  He had Singha beer and I had a white wine to pair with the meal.  Perfect for a hot meal on a warm night!
The red curry is supposed to be mild, and the green hot.  Steve had a small sweat going by the end of his meal, but the spoonful I had of his dish did not burn the way I had anticipated. Yet, it had great flavor, and I really enjoyed it!
The red curry tasted bland to Steve, but I thought it had a nice (mild) kick to it.  I couldn’t finish but half of it – only because I was full! I really did like the curry at this place.  Very tasty!
We retired to his apartment early, since we have to be on the road for golf at 5:45AM.  Steve is sound asleep (dude has always been able to fall asleep faster and more deeply than anyone I know!!), and I am back downstairs writing this post. I love the vibe in Robertson Walk – the area of bars, restaurants and shopping just outside of his apartment building. There’s great energy with all of the people, and yet it’s super safe.  Better than sitting in bed writing!
Status, day 5: Steve = alive, Ker = alive, therefore, all is still good!! :). Again, kidding, we’re having fun, and I’m getting to see a lot of the area, and have met several of his coworkers and friends.  And, I’ll be meeting a few more tomorrow morning.  So, time to retire for the evening (again) soon.
One last note…
Go Clemson Tigers!  Beat the Gamecocks tonight!

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