My Coney Island experience that wasn’t – but it was good anyhow! Taylor, MI

Well, after numerous scheduling conflicts and cancellations, my friend Josh and I finally got to catch up for a bite.  Josh was one of the first people I met when I moved from Orange County, CA to the greater Detroit, MI area a year and a half ago.  In fact, on day two of my job with Masco Corporation (check out our beautiful, newly redesigned Website!), Josh and a couple of other guys roped me into doing my first 64 day session of the Beachbody Insanity workout (WordPress won’t link, but I suggest you Google it!)!  It was truly insane!  But, I’m so grateful to have met him, and a myriad of other wonderful coworkers/friends through our shared love of torturing our bodies!

Josh and his wife were the two I had to cancel dinner plans with a couple of weeks ago.  😦  We’re still trying to get all of us together, but at least Josh and I were able to catch up today.

He pointed me to yet another local spot that I had yet to try (after a year and a half of being here…I’m ashamed!).  Josh asked me if I had been to Mykonos Coney Island – just up the road from our office building.  Nope, sure hadn’t!  I have to admit that when he said the name, I was envisioning “Coney Dogs”, ala: American Coney Island or Lafayette Coney Island.  If you’re not familiar with local history, you might not appreciate my assumption.

While Mykonos does indeed serve Coney Island Hot Dogs on their menu, that’s just a tiny portion of their offering.  After perusing the first two pages of the menu, I told Josh today that I didn’t intend on having the server surprise me.  I was incredibly hungry, and was craving either a Reuben or a tuna melt.

That was, until I looked through the entire menu.  So much to choose from!  So, when our server came by and asked if we were ready to order, I asked that she choose her favorite meal and just surprise me.  I did advise her that I was really quite hungry, and not in the mood for ham – I’m never in the mood for ham!  She looked a bit excited about the prospect of ordering my meal.

Josh ordered the Greek salad, and our server quickly responded that she was going to order me that dish, but she would change it up since I could taste his.  And, he was quick to advise her not to tell me what she would bring me, but rather to surprise me.

After a few minutes of much-needed “catch-up” conversation, our meals were delivered.  Josh received his Greek salad, and I received a plate full of foil wrapped pita sandwich…

which I was informed was the Mykonos Original – chicken strips (delightfully fried, with a good pepper taste), lettuce, tomato, mayo, and cheese.  Our server told me that she and other staffers conferred as to what to bring me.  It was clear that she enjoyed the “She Ordered What?!?” experience.

The sandwich was nothing incredibly unique or special, but it really did hit the spot.  It was a solid sandwich wrap.  I admit that I would have been disappointed with a salad, given how hungry I was!

And, it was only $5.95 – another bargain lunch!  However, having lunch with a friend that I hadn’t caught up with in quite some time, was priceless!



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