Another guest post coming soon!

I was excited to go out with some friends for Mexican tonight, but alas, a ridiculously sore throat has prevented me from eating for two days.  So, plans have been postponed, and I have reached out to my network for help. As I’ve mentioned before, and as evidenced by the guests posts thus far, I’ve been blessed in how people have taken to the concept of having a server choose their meals for them.

One of my favorite bloggers, AllLacqueredUp, who writes the first non-tech blog I ever subscribed to, has offered to guest post about her dinner tomorrow. Her exact words were:  “I’m going out tomorrow and I’d love to do a guest post for you…You’re onto something fresh in terms of food blogging. I’m excited to put my meal in the hands of my server.”

She’s known to frequent fabulous places, and definitely knows her way around the social scene in and around Cleveland! I’m really excited to hear about her experience, and will share her story as soon as she’s ready.  In the mean time, if you’ve missed previous guest blogs…check them out in the “Guest Posts” category, or in the links below.

Jerod’s unique first date

Lisa’s foray into fondue

Rachel’s gourmet burger adventure (she almost missed it while she was on the phone!)

My dad surrendered his meal to his server

And, here’s to hoping I’m able to eat again soon.  I’m ready to get back to posting too!

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