“She Ordered What?!?” – from a pet project to a full blown passion of mine

In the roughly seven weeks since I launched sheorderedwhat.com, I’ve often referred to it “as my fun little project”, “something to do on the side”, “I’ll write, and hope that a friend or two reads it”, etc.  

I was really marginalizing the site in an effort to keep my own expectations in check.  What if nobody really did read it.  What if people thought this was a stupid idea.  What if…

The feedback that I’ve been given (via blog visits, Facebook, Twitter, actual human conversations (remember those!), through blog comments, and other channels of communication) has been extremely supportive.  In my opinion (and from others), it boils down to the fact that my idea isn’t complicated.  It’s not hard to do. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or change your lifestyle, per se.  It’s just a fun way to experience dining and food in a different way.  And, I’ve found that others have really enjoyed their “She Ordered What?!?” experiences.

In talking with both close friends, and with casual acquaintances, I’ve been pushed to test the limits of my imagination for the blog.  It’s not that I necessarily want this to be my full-time job (I don’t), or to make me a millionaire (okay, that wouldn’t be so bad!), but I do really enjoy writing about my experiences, and I do love eating per servers’ recommendations.  I’m also tickled at the number of readers who have tried the concept, enjoyed it, and have asked to guest-post about it! Y’all are amazing!

Friends have encouraged me to approach The Food Network to do a show focused around the theme of this blog (I’m not a restaurant critic, just someone who enjoys dining via the servers’ best recommendations).  They’ve encouraged me to get t-shirts made so I can promote the blog when I’m out and about, not necessarily “doing a ‘She Ordered What?!?'”, but rather to start conversations amongst strangers. (I would love to know if anyone else would be willing to wear one on occasion if I get them ordered in bulk.)  I’ve been encouraged to sell stuff on my site – and not just advertising.  In other words, other people’s vision for this blog, and the related content, was much more far-reaching than my own.

So, that said, I am boldly stating that I am going to take time to really think about the possibilities of taking “She Ordered What?!?” beyond just this blog.  I can’t let it interfere with my day job, and I can’t afford a major PR firm’s help, but I can dedicate my personal time to really making this personal passion of mine be the best experience for everyone that it can be.  I’m vowing to take that initiative.  (I also vow to post a true “She Ordered What?!?” post soon!  This blog will not be totally taken over by the 15 Habits for the next couple of weeks!)

If you have other ideas for me and for “She Ordered What?!?”, please feel free to leave a comment.  Crowd-sourcing is a research method I whole-heartedly believe in!

Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and support thus far, and look for even greater things in the future!



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8 thoughts on ““She Ordered What?!?” – from a pet project to a full blown passion of mine

  1. Kevin on said:

    Rock on Kerri! This is very cool.


    • Thanks, Kev! You are one of the first people to encourage me to write. I truly appreciate your help and support – and most of all…your amazing friendship! I miss you – lots.
      xoxo, Ker


  2. Jenny Roman on said:

    Count me in for a t-shirt, promotion, support, cheerleading… you get the idea!! She Ordered What is amazing!!


    • Okay, Jenny…I’ll make sure to order a super cute and super small t-shirt for you, my petite Lovey! Thanks so much for being the great cheerleader that you have been, and for the t-shirt idea! Credit certainly goes to you for that one! And, for the Food Network. Well, in the words of a wise friend…you get the idea! 😉


  3. Catherine Myrick on said:

    I would get a t-shirt. I was telling my parents and assistant about your blog just the other night intact. I am at another dental conference and was too tired (and hungry) to decide what to eat. We were at a place called Speggetti Eddie’s near Virginia Beach. The waitress ordered Speghetti and Meatballs for me. I really don’t care for that, but I decided to go with it. I still don’t like it too much but would not know that had I not let her order for me. (Tasted like Fazolli’s) and I don’t care for their speghetti either.


    • Ah, Catherine. It’s a bummer when it doesn’t work out. I’ve had rare occurrences when the server “played it safe”, and frankly, missed the mark. It doesn’t happen often for me, but when it does, it’s pretty disappointing – because most of my experiences are incredibly good! I hope it doesn’t deter you from trying again.
      I really appreciate you 1) reading the blog – that’s awesome!, 2) telling your parents (hi dad!) and assistant about it, and 3) are willing to continue to spread the word by wearing a t-shirt. I’m working with someone right now to get a design put together and then will get t-shirts made. Stay tuned, please!
      And, safe travels home.


  4. Wow. This is an ambitious (and awesome) idea. I can’t wait to see where you go with this. Keep going!


    • Thanks, Brad! I really have no idea where this is going, but I’m pushing myself to figure it out. (and others are pushing me too!) I appreciate you reading the blog, and encouraging continued growth.
      – Ker


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