Need your input, readers. Planning a special meal…

Last night, I received an email that triggered a ridiculous set of emotional responses.  The email had a picture of me and my deceased friend, Erica, who lost her battle with lymphoma last December.  She was 30 years old.  The email had a note that it was a great picture of the two of us.  Fast forward two and a half hours, countless tears, and numerous fond memories, and I was a total train wreck. I mean – off my rocker!

I had spent the aforementioned two and a half hours scouring Facebook photos, not only of my friend, but also  of my cousin – whom we lost to cancer as well (and who was an amazing chef and bartender – he’d probably have loved this blog).  I was sobbing uncontrollably for the better part of the night.

I couldn’t think, let alone speak, a coherent sentence, though I tried while I was on Voxer with my friend Eric (who, incidentally, is celebrating his birthday tomorrow – happy birthday, Eric!).  He was finally making his way home from a long day trip in a car that was slowly breaking down, and I was bugging him to make sure he made it home alive.  Anyhow, he thought I was drunk, and listening back to our Voxer conversation, I don’t blame him!  Not only did I have post-cry foggy head, a total inability to speak, but also had four different communications devices around me – all beeping, dinging, and buzzing.  Total Continuous Partial Attention – insane CPA, folks.

Basically, I sounded (and felt) like I was out of my mind. The only clear thought I had last night was that the last meal I had with my friend, and her husband, was Mexican at Jalapenos in downtown Orange, CA.  And, then, I thought…I want my next post to be about Mexican food.

So, readers in the Detroit area, in particular…I’ve been to a place or two in Mexicantown and I’ve been to Taqueria Mi Peublo.  What are your favorite Mexican restaurants? Which should I try?  Should I do lunch or dinner?  This is going to be a special meal, in memory of my friend, and I want to make sure it’s a good one.  Please leave a comment if you have recommendations!

And, if you wish to donate to the LL&S page honoring Erica, here’s a link. She’s the  2012 Light the Night Memorial Honoree!

Erica, and a picture of the card I sent her when she was first diagnosed – fight the good fight!

Thank you!

PS. Eric, for the record, I still don’t buy the NoHo nickname!  😉

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7 thoughts on “Need your input, readers. Planning a special meal…

  1. Bryan Hampton on said:

    The only place I’ve been that I could recommend is La Casita in Ypsilanti. Food was great, but not much atmosphere to speak of…


  2. Dana on said:

    Por supuesto, Mi Pueblo es mi favorito, well next to MY Mexican cooking 🙂 I am a bit biased though. Most other restaurants are to ‘Americanized’. However, Vicente’s Cuban Cafe ( is VERY good.


  3. McDuey on said:

    We LOVE Vicente’s Cuban food! Not Mexican, but it is awesome and they have a great outdoor patio. Also, make sure you try to Sangria. It’s the best! My cousin’s art gallery is right next door. You might want to stop in there also! (Long-Sharpe Curis Gallery) Enjoy!


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