Red Rocks Cafe, Bar and Bakery, Huntersville, NC – Changing up the team dynamics!

As I’ve said before, I work near Detroit, MI.  However, the company I work for has businesses all over the country.  Not too long ago, our entire team traveled (by Corporate jets – a nice perk!) to North Carolina – also known as “God’s Country” (or as close to it as one can get without actually being in SOUTH Carolina! 😉 Go Clemson!).  In total, I think we had 17 people in the meeting.  After a long, and productive day, we all regrouped for dinner at Red Rocks Cafe, Bar, and Bakery.

We were a loud, and boisterous group, though not offensive in any way (I think!).  It was so much fun to enjoy a meal with people I don’t often get to spend quality time with.  I ended up at the end of one of the two tables, across from my then-boss, and next to a coworker who resides in the NC office near the restaurant.  Both really wonderful guys, and it should be mentioned that my former supervisor is a fabulous cook – he knows food!  We were chatting about a myriad of things prior to our waiter (and I SO wish I recalled his name) coming to take our order.  When said server asked for my order, I politely deferred (and declined a salad, as I had eaten enough that day!), and asked him to choose his favorite dish on the menu, instructing him to stay away from scallops.  I think he was a bit taken aback, but he nodded in agreement, continued with taking orders, and off he went.

This generated quite a bit of conversation.  My colleagues were intrigued.  What would I be served? Why do I do this? (pure indecisiveness. Well, with a bit of trust in the restaurant staff – they are the experts!) What if I don’t like it? etc, etc.

A short time later, when our entrees were being served, heads craned to see what I had been served.  I was curious with anticipation as well!  Our server was proud to announce that he had chosen the Filet Oscar.  It was a spectacular choice!  I certainly don’t indulge in enjoying a delicious steak enough – let alone one with crab meat (yum!) and béarnaise sauce!  It was served over mashed potatoes and with asparagus.  Perfectly plated!

Filet Oscar

I believe our server enjoyed presenting his customer with a personal favorite, and I assured him that he did a great job in choosing my meal!

I happened to leave most of my asparagus on the plate, and with a bit of a guilty tone, he told me “You should have told me you didn’t like asparagus!”.  It’s not that I don’t like asparagus, it’s simply that I had so many other flavors to choose from, I focused on those!  I actually felt terrible that he felt he fell short in ordering for me – he had not!  It was an absolutely fantastic dining experience.  And, aside from the asparagus, I wiped that plate CLEAN!

It was a wonderfully memorable dinner, and I’m truly glad it was at Red Rocks.  To top it all off, this dinner happened prior to my kicking off this blog a few weeks ago, and John at Red Rocks was kind enough to fill my phone request to send me a picture of the excellent meal I was served!  Talk about tremendous all-around customer service!

In this instance, “She” ordered a phenomenal dining experience!  Thank you, Red Rocks staff!

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2 thoughts on “Red Rocks Cafe, Bar and Bakery, Huntersville, NC – Changing up the team dynamics!

  1. Catherine on said:

    As an asparagus eater, I can honestly say the asparagus at this resturant totally rocks! That is a great dish!


    • Thanks, Catherine! I did have some of the asparagus, and I completely agree! It was fresh, perfectly cooked, and delicious. I just couldn’t finish everything. Glad you encouraged others to try the healthier portion of the meal. 😉
      Cheers, Ker


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