Big Fish, Dearborn, MI

It was 88F and sunny when I got home today, so I decided to go down the street (literally ~a block!) and have dinner on the patio of a local restaurant.  Big Fish is a Muer restaurant – a chain – but it has a good selection, a nice atmosphere, and it’s close, so I don’t care that it’s a chain.

I had barely settled into my seat at a patio table when Tyler, my server for the evening, came by to take my drink order.  He suggested a lovely Chardonnay (and a glass of ice water!). While he was there, I handed him my little “blog card“, as I call it, and asked him to surprise me with an entrée.  Tyler gave the card a once over, and when he gave me a small questioning look, I let him know that I write this blog.  He looked back at me, and said “my pleasure”…and off he went.

My little “cheat sheet” for the servers.

I wasn’t extremely hungry, so no appetizer or salad, but he did bring me fresh bread, accompanied by whipped butter and salmon pate.

Fresh assorted bread, whipped butter, and salmon pate.

The bread was so good it deserves a close-up!










I have to admit that Tyler is one of the smarter servers I’ve had recently, or he simply has an expensive palate himself.  He brought me the broiled Alaskan Halibut, covered in an Asian inspired sauce, consisting of cream cheese, Sriracha (calling @dsap24!), lump crab meat, mayo, and basil pesto.  The fish was served with a wonderful ginger + something (;-) )rice, and grilled vegetables.

Alaskan Halibut with Zesty Asian-inspired glacage; drizzled with basil oil.

It was a fantastic choice – really delicious, but it may mean that the next few posts are about Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Arby’s!  Just teasing.  However, I did walk out of Big Fish having spent a good $60 on the meal (+ one glass of wine).

The smart server chose…$38.99 + tax! I don’t treat myself all that often, so it’s all good…

But, what the heck…today is pay day!  I can afford the treat!

Thanks to Tyler for being a good sport, choosing a delicious meal, and being a great server in general.


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