Bistro 70, Painesville, OH

Although I live in Dearborn, MI, I still own a home in Painesville, OH.  I only lived in it for 2 1/2 years, but I loved living there.  One of the perks was being just up the road from one of my favorite spots: Bistro 70.

Inside Bistro 70 (photo courtesy of Bistro 70 Facebook page)

I had become friends with Keith, the owner and head chef through frequent visits.  For a while, I even served on the wait staff there.  I had also introduced my family, now weekly regulars, to the Bistro.

Keith changes the menu up regularly (quarterly or so?), but there are always great options!  So, frequently, I am unable to decide exactly what I want, and ask the servers to choose for me.  I’ll usually give them 2-3 options that I’m considering, and have them surprise me with their choice.  Over the years, I’ve had nightly specials – seafood, steak, and other delicious recipes Keith and his staff whip up.

I’ve also had wonderful dishes off the standard menu.  Some favorites: Seared Ahi Tuna Steak, Fettucini Rustica, Grilled Flat Iron Steak, and Maryland Crab Cakes.

The Seared Ahi (photo courtesy of Bistro 70 Facebook page)

There are others that are not on the current menu: some Asian fare, other pasta dishes, as well as more seafood.  And, don’t pass up the desserts!  They’re divine!

One of the many delicious pasta dishes (photo courtesy of Bistro 70 Facebook page)

And, I can’t lie…my friends and I have spent many a night hanging at the bar with Joe, the greatest bartender!

The bar at Bistro 70 (photo courtesy of Bistro 70 Facebook page)

In fact, I had my farewell party here when I left OH for CA.  Good times!

And, happy anniversary Keith and company!  Eight years, this week!  🙂

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8 thoughts on “Bistro 70, Painesville, OH

  1. I used to live in Painesville, but have only been to Bistro 70 for dessert. I’ll have to check it out for dinner too!


  2. Painesville, that rang a bell, and sure enough I passed through when biking across the US years ago. I stayed with some folks I met in Montana, turned out they lived in Eastlake and let me stay at their place while I was passing through!


    • Nice! My parents’ business is HQ’d in Eastlake. I grew up in Mentor, OH. P’ville is a small little town – mostly a mess, but has pockets of charm! Bistro 70 is one of the pockets, IMO.


  3. Joe...the Bartender on said:

    Thanks Kerri for the kind words…I love the site! So well done.


  4. Gina the Patron on said:

    Bistro 70 has become our home away from home. We are always surrounded by the laughter, warmth and love of our friends that work there and clientele that frequent the restaraunt. Always delicious and never a dull moment. Oh, and that Joe the Bartender….. Awesome!!!!!!


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