La Condesa, Austin, TX

Walking into La Condesa

Last week, I was in Austin, TX for a business trip and I was fortunate enough to have dinner with six fabulous colleagues at a restaurant our vendor had recommended – La Condesa.  I had never been to Austin before, so I clearly had never visited this restaurant either.  I opened the menu and immediately saw a guacamole sampler which I ordered for the table.  Guac is one of my favorite appetizers!

That’s as far as I got in reading the menu though. I put my menu down, and my dinner companions presumed I had made a quick decision on dinner – and I had.  I was going to have our server choose for me and bring me a surprise.

Imagine six faces simultaneously looking right at me in the most quizzical manner!  I was riddled with questions: Aren’t you afraid you won’t like it?   How can you trust the server? What if he brings the $70 Carne Asada? And so on.

Then, my coworker asked the server to bring his three personal  favorite Ceviche dishes to the table.  Was my coworker the pot, or the kettle?  🙂

The server brought me the Chile Relleno, which was stuffed with quinoa, butternut squash, manchego cheese, tomato broth, and salsa pepita, and served over rosemary rice.  It was excellent!

Here’s a shot of a few of the aforementioned coworkers.  Thanks to Dave Morse for taking the photos.

Our group at La Condesa

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